Downtown Pontiac Master Plan

As we grow our downtown we do so with a vision of a master plan.  This master plan connects with our City's Master plan, as well as studies that have been done through Oakland County and the Woodward Avenue cooridor.  The vision is connected to many.  As we grow we all grow.  Review the elements that make up our Master Plan below.

2016 Congress for
New Urbanism

In the Spring of 2016 CNU (Congress for New Urbanism) held community charettes.  As a result of those charettes, they reported back on their findings and recommendations for Downtown Pontiac developments focused around the Phoenix plaza properties and surrounding area.  Additionally, the report includes recommendations for the northern part of Pontiac's Loop and traffic flow recommendations.  

2014 City of Pontiac Master Plan Update

The 2014 Master Plan update sets a bold course for Pontiac - one focused on creating a positive future for the residents of the City. This plan builds on the 2008 Master Plan and incorporates new data, best practices, and leading policies to ensure the City creates a blueprint for a prosperous future.

Downtown Pontiac Transportation Assessment

The purpose of this study is to improve the connectivity between downtown Pontiac, the adjacent neighborhoods, and the broader community by adapting the Woodward Loop transportation network.  It is envisioned that adapting the network will improve livability and the long term economic health of the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

Pontiac Moving Forward Study

The City of Pontiac has experienced tremendous economic turbulence over the past two decades.  As part of a continuing collaborative effort between Oakland County and the City of Pontiac, and funded through a federally funded EDS grant, this plan is intended to provide the next layer of direction for future economic development initiatives. Coined Pontiac Moving Forward, this plan will provide a framework for action to restore Pontiac’s economic competitiveness in the region, state and nation as a whole.

Industrial Cities Initiative

The story of Pontiac’s transition to a post-industrial economy is illustrative of a number of other cities in Michigan. As the auto industry evolved, Pontiac lost both jobs and companies (both assembly plants and suppliers).

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