Saginaw Green - The Park is Growing

Two years ago the community came together to help grow a park. The funding was grown through grass root efforts - apropos for a green park effort. The funding was matched by dollars at the state through Patronicity and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to reclaim the blight that was existing in the park previously and prepares the area for the park.

This spring the park is showing its roots as Downtown Pontiac's first green space. Walking past it, you will recognize the pathways, the fresh garden beds, and grass ready to welcome spring. It is beginning to play host to community groups such as First Presbyterian Church holding Sunday ceremonies and Lafayette Grande offering it as a wedding backdrop for their catered events. Goldner Walsh installed the big yellow chair to add an interactive and conversational piece to the park.

To see what the space can become, check out the First Presbyterian Church's Easter Sunday service.

Downtown Pontiac's Urban Green Space

Grow a park, grow a community and connect people. Green spaces do more than soften the concrete urban landscape, but also provide places to congregate, commune, and grow. Downtown Pontiac’s first urban green space built in many years promises to support the community's growing resident and business population. Located on what was two vacant lots on Saginaw’s north side, this pocket park takes unsightly and unused land into a public space to make Pontiac proud thanks to local partnerships with community businesses and residents.

Why Grow a Park? Driving or walking on Saginaw Street’s north side you see beautiful property renovations alongside vacant land. Downtown Pontiac’s momentum is growing, and making 4,800 sq feet of fertile earth into a beautified public space gets peoples attention. Not only is it something the community can enjoy while living or visiting downtown, but also helps attract additional investment. Gone will be something you walk past replaced by a park you walk through, meet friends in, enjoy a movie with neighbors, or let your dog enjoy the sunshine.

The Project

Located just south of The Lafayette Grand and across the street from the WKC building, the park resides as a pocket between two existing business buildings at 111 N. Saginaw Street.


Vacant Land

The land was identified vacant and blight after the previous building located at 111 & 113 N. Saginaw Street were burned down several decades ago. Canvas Pontiac, Downtown Pontiac's art inititiative began to beautify the space with large 8' x 10' canvases. Then the management of the property was acquired by the Pontiac Downtown Business Association, now known as Main Street Pontiac. The property was leveled and the first trees were installed.


Clean up and Landscaping

Through fundraising efforts, the parks essential landscaping preparation and groundwork were layed out. Local funders donated through crowdfunding site Patronicity to get the grass, gravel, and brick installations to happen and claim the vacant land as a greenspace.


Finishing Touches

The park requires a maintenance fund to maintain the green space as green with seasonal maintenance. Power, water are the basic utilities included to not only have the park be utilized for rental space by local groups, but also for everyday use by the neighbors. Fundraising efforts are now in place to install water, electricity, lighting, and the parks gazeebo, and a maintenance fund. The funding goal totals $30,000 with both cash and in-kind donations.



The Yellow Chair wants to make Saginaw Green it's home. Please DONATE to the park project and let us keep that, as well as provide the electrical, water, gazeebo and other finishing touches.


Thanks to Goldner Walsh, Liberty Landscaping, and The Henk Studio for helping to promote the green space development and manage the design and project implementation.

Your donation is to the Pontiac Downtown Business Association, the downtown managment non-profit organization working as the public-private partner with the City of Pontiac in downtown.

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